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Studying online during lockdown

Blackburne House has adapted during lockdown to deliver courses online, allowing us to keep connected with current students and also grow our community. We're inspired by how our students have taken to the challenge. Our tutors have gone from classrooms to creating simulating virtual learning environments.

We caught up with Nkem, a student from the Level 3 Award in Education. Nkem shares with us how studying from home has enabled her to get closer to her dreams of becoming a teacher. She explains how this situation has made her appreciate the support and guidance of her tutors and has made her more determined than ever to pursue her dreams of becoming an educator.

What did you choose to study and why? I chose to study the Level 3 Award in Education course because I've been offered an opportunity to teach professionally. However, I needed to gain my qualification to enable me to become a teacher. This course has given me practical skills and the chance to learn and grow. Now, I can be the best version of myself for my future students. Throughout my life, I have admired teachers. I think this is why I want to teach others. But, by doing this course I have an even higher level of respect for them now because they work so hard. How did you find returning to education? I was excited to tell people I was returning to education. I love the familiarity of a classroom and looked forward to achieving my goals. Initially, the balancing act was a little demanding. But, with the support of the staff at Blackburne House, I was reminded of why I wanted to be a teacher. I am so grateful for all the advice, guidance and kindness they have shown me on my journey. How are you finding online learning? Studying online during lockdown has had its ups and downs. I miss being part of the college community and I love learning off my fellow students and accessing the different resources. However, I have enjoyed some aspects of remote learning. I have learnt about new technologies and ways of communicating. Blackburne House has given us all the support possible to make the transition from the classroom to online a little easier; such as mindfulness information, signposting students to different services and daily communication with our tutors. What would you say to other women thinking of returning to education? Do it! No knowledge can be wasted, make sure what you are learning is a passion and helps your career path. This will keep you motivated in the tough times. In the end, there is a huge sense of accomplishment that you gain. What are your plans for the future? I have a passion for life long learning and I will continue to learn. I am looking at enrolling in the higher level of my course when I complete my level 3. Blackburne House has a range of courses that will be beneficial for my development both personally and professionally.

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