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One to One Counselling Sessions

Counselling is focused on supporting you to find your own solutions to your problems.  This can include helping you talk about how you are feeling, exploring the changes you want to make in your life or helping you find ways of coping with your problems. Your counsellor will be impartial but understanding. They will listen to you without judgment and help you explore your thoughts and emotions. They may offer information, but they won’t tell you what you should think or do. You use this time in counselling to decide what you want to change including how you want to respond to your life.  

Our funded counselling sessions are available to women aged 18 and above living in the Liverpool City Region, and are delivered by our team of women counsellors. If you would like to access our counselling service but don't live in the Liverpool City Region, we also offer a paid counselling service - please get in touch for prices and more information.

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