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The Inspire Programme can help you with a range of issues. You will learn how the brain works, gain skills to help you cope and learn techniques to manage repetitive negative thinking, including Mindfulness acceptance techniques. We will help you to understand how to better overcome obstacles in your life, and how to make better choices for your own wellbeing.


  • Long Covid

  • Pain Management

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Managing Menopause


January 2024


Mindful movement is a great way to help your Body and mind overcome pain, trauma or a long term health condition. We know that exercise is good for us but many of us feel unable to participate due to stamina, health, or fear due to poor experiences in our formative years. Yoga is perfect for those wishing to explore movement to support with health and wellbeing. All sessions are delivered to small groups of 10 in a female only space.


  • Restorative Yoga

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga


Various start dates - get in touch to find out more


Living mindfully promotes wellbeing. It enables us to quiet the mind and see things as they really are. It is learning to paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, non-judgmental way. During Mindfulness we use Meditation as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety and inspire a different way of thinking.


  • Introduction to Mindfulness 

  • Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety


Various start dates - get in touch to find out more


Hypnotherapy is a practice that enables you to be as relaxed as possible and use your focused concentration in this state to work internally with your emotions and make positive changes to your life. Hypnotherapy can be used to help to tap into core thoughts and emotions and make changes to your thinking patterns to manage anxiety, low mood and stress. Each session will be delivered to small groups of 10 in a female only space by a qualified Hypnotherapist.


  • Group Hypnotherapy


September 2023

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