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Support local women and discover the rewards of being a Friend of Blackburne House with amazing weekly cash prizes and exclusive offers!

As we enter our 40th year we continue to strive to equip women with the skills, confidence and resilience to access further learning and higher education opportunities. By becoming a Friend of Blackburne House you will help the education of women which in turn lifts families and our local communities.


Help us continue this work over the next 40 years. Become a Friend of Blackburne House for just £2 a week, and you'll be entered into a weekly cash prize draw, via the partnership with our colleagues at National Youth & Community Development Association (NYCDA). Upon sign-up, receive a personalised Welcome Pack, including your exclusive set of lottery numbers, then simply check each week to see if you're a winner!


By supporting us this way, you not only raise funds to help the education of women, but can have a chance to win £1000s in cash prizes through the NYCDA Weekly Draw. Each week there is a main £1000 up for grabs, as well as numerous smaller prizes between £10 to £50 and a £500 Rollover that can reach a huge £10,000!


Monies raised from the Lottery will be used to help fund our work. For example raising:


  • £2,250 would enable the delivery of an Inspire Programme for up to 15 women which would equip them with the skills and techniques to support their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. As a result of this programme we typically see significant improvements in confidence and self-esteem leading to healthier functioning familial relationships and more women re-entering education.

  • £4,900 would support 7 women in accessing 10 counselling sessions focusing on trauma. Whether that be due to domestic or sexual abuse, harmful practice etc. As a result of this intervention we typically see an improved positive outlook with an increased likelihood to seek out improved life chances.

  • £10,000 would provide a contribution to the Lead Counsellor/Supervisor role for 3 months. This contribution would support 12 Clinical Practice Placements in gaining their 100 hours client contact with supervision, enabling them to achieve their level 4 counselling qualification whilst supporting up to 40 women with free counselling sessions.


Sign-up is safe and secure via Direct Debit - so you can support local women, be in with a chance of winning a cash prize every single week and receive exclusive thank you offers and discounts!


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Blackburne House is a partner of NYCDA & beneficiary of the NYCDA Weekly Draw. Gambling Commission account No. 5166. Registered Office:1-2 Frecheville Court, Bury, BL9 0UF. Responsible Person: Mr M Brocklehurst. For more info, including terms and conditions, visit

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