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At the Wellness Centre, we are very proud of the positive impact we have on the mental health of women from the Liverpool City Region and beyond. Our services benefit women from lower income backgrounds who are unable to pay for private wellbeing sessions – over 90% of our service users receive fully funded sessions, and we have reduced local waiting times significantly for those referred to The Wellness Centre. Since the service began in April 2020 we have helped thousands of women to improve their wellbeing and have supported a growing number of organisations to enhance wellbeing at work. 

The Inspire Programme has been so inspirational to me. It has taught me to be more positive and to look after myself better. I have started another course at Blackburne House, as the Inspire Programme has given me the confidence to meet new people and to engage in more group work. It has shown me where I fit in, in my own life. My stress levels have become manageable and my feeling of self worth has increased greatly. The course has changed my life and allowed me to positively look at my life and actions. I would say to anyone who is thinking of joining this course please do it and maybe your life, like mine, will change for the better. Thank you to the Wellness team for showing me the way forward to a happier, healthy life.

This program has made me feel less alone. The support from the Wellness Team was amazing - since the programme has finished we have continued meeting virtually twice a week to have a chat. It has been the single one thing that has actually helped me cope with having long covid better. I am very grateful to the facilitators and the other ladies. I highly recommend this programme to anyone suffering with negative thoughts and long covid! 

I try to ground myself when I begin to get anxious. I try some of the breathing techniques we were taught during the programme. The Wellness Team were absolutely fantastic. I have benefited greatly from our sessions. I still struggle with the meditation but I’m practicing. Many thanks for everything.

I now have acknowledge and accepted that I have a long term illness. I have put into practice relaxation techniques and try to have positive thoughts regarding my situation.

I found this service extremely useful, professional and yet welcoming and friendly. I felt completely at ease to speak openly with my counsellor.

The sessions have enabled me to discover my self belief and confidence again. At times it was a difficult but my counsellor supported me through the process.

The sessions helped me to relax and focus my mind, on my breathing and awareness of my self and surroundings.

I felt heard, I felt acceptance, I felt empathy and I felt the counsellor genuinely cared about my wellbeing and wanted to see me better myself.

These sessions have showed me that I am strong and capable to change my circumstances.

The programme has been amazing! I've met a wonderful group of ladies and feel certain that we will keep in touch. To share experiences with people who 'get it' has been quite overwhelming but highly positive. The counsellor was fantastic and became more of a supportive friend as the course progressed. I certainly hope to have more involvement with the Wellness Team in the future. Thank you so much.

This was the best counselling I’d ever had. I felt completely understood and validated. There were alternate options for my way forward. This is an incredible service.

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