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Inspiring women into work- Meet Rachel Thomas.

My background is Customer Service, IT Project Management. Previously, I worked initially as a civil servant (City council and Government department). I chose to move to London in 2009 during the great recession period. I worked within a national housing association that had properties across London, Midlands and Sussex.

Prior to covid19, I had planned to return back to Liverpool this was to originally work on ensuring I could focus on achieving a work-life balance. Hoping that I would start a role that provided me with satisfaction and maintain my son's good quality of life. 

The position I had hoped to start and had accepted, structured my relocation and was suddenly withdrawn as the virus started to spread across the world.  

The lockdown was announced, Coronavirus has had an effect on our lives to date, however remaining positive and adapting to the new normal.  This has been a great opportunity to use this time wisely to be able to take a step back and refresh my professional mindset. I have reviewed my transferrable skills, and I have been able to look at how I can maintain my school routine safely by thinking creatively.

The 'women into work' programme will support your personal confidence and self-esteem further to positively prepare yourself to doing something you have really wanted to do and have never had the time to actually do it for you!



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