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Education supported me to gain the confidence to start my own business.

At Blackburne House, we pride ourselves in supporting and empowering the women of Merseyside through education and enterprise. We believe in providing our students with platforms, opportunities and confidence to achieve their goals. We focus on the education experience and developing confidence building. Many of the women who have walked through the doors have gained qualifications and also a sense of self. Our work is vital in supporting women to build and develop much-needed self-esteem for the next chapter of their journey, be it further education, employment or a startup.

We caught up with Lauren who has started her own business during the lockdown. Lauren's story is truly inspiring from anxiety to self-belief. Lauren, like many of our students, is a true inspiration and is the reason why Blackburne House continues to do the work we do in our city.

Lauren painting

What did you do before going to Blackburne House?

Before I chose to study at Blackburne House I felt lost due to the fact I didn’t finish school. I struggle with anxiety so being in a school environment wasn't good for my mental health. I chose Blackburne House because it is a smaller college and feels more like a supportive community. After visiting I knew it was the place for me to continue my education.

What did you choose to study and why?

Initially, I studied Maths and English GCSE because I knew I needed these qualifications to boost my CV. But, after enjoying my courses I picked up further courses such as Creative Arts Course, Interior Design and Upcycling. These courses have allowed me to explore my creativity and have helped reduce my anxiety levels.

How did you find returning to education? 

I was cautious about returning to education as I have found other colleges challenging. But, Blackburne House has been so welcoming and has been an inspiring place to learn and unlock my creativity. During lockdown, I've missed discussing creative ideas with my peers and being in the classroom.

What would you say to other women thinking of returning to education?

I was so lucky to find Blackburne House to study. Make sure you return to education slowly and at your own pace and choose an environment that makes you feel comfortable and supported. 

What are your plans for the future?

During Lockdown I have started my own business selling customised canvas art. I started my business to keep myself busy, creative and occupied during lockdown. You can find my business on social media @Lxmvc_art. I aim to continue to grow my business and study at University to become an Interior Designer.

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i you
Dec 11, 2023

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Helen Barton
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