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Celebrating Diversity and Achievements: ESOL Students Pass with Flying Colours

The ESOL department at Blackburne House had a lot to celebrate recently. Our hardworking learners from all around the world received their exam results and achieved an impressive 90% pass rate. Our tutors and learners teamed up to organise a celebratory event to commemorate the department’s successes and hard work.

The event was a true representation of the diversity of our student body. In 2023, we have welcomed learners from over 115 different countries. The learners wore the traditional dress of their country, and brought a dish from their home country, creating a delicious global buffet. The learners proudly presented their traditional foods, such as El Salvadoran budín, Iranian sholezard, Ukrainian borscht, and of course British scones!

In addition to the feast, the hall was adorned with displays showcasing each country's culture and history. The learners had researched and created posters that highlighted famous landmarks, customs, and traditions of their home countries. The vibrant and colourful displays were a sight to behold and gave a real insight into the learners’ backgrounds and histories.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric, with learners laughing, chatting, and enjoying the various dishes from around the world. The celebration was a great way for the learners to connect with each other and celebrate their collective success. The ESOL teachers were equally thrilled and expressed their pride in the students' hard work and achievements. Our Head of ESOL, Helen, said:

‘It was wonderful to see so many of our learners celebrating their achievement and sharing their different cultures through food, traditional dress and music. This achievement of a 90% pass rate is due to everyone – the learners, the tutors, the reception and administration team and the management – working together as a team at Blackburne House.’

Our learners were so pleased with their fantastic results, and have had a great overall experience of the ESOL courses on offer. Tamila, a Ukranian learner from the Level 1 class, said:

'I'm very thankful for the ESOL programme at Blackburne House, it's really helped me in my learning. All of the tutors and staff at Blackburne House are so helpful and friendly - they are the best tutors I've ever had!'

The event was a testament to the power of education to bring people from different backgrounds together. We are so proud of our ESOL students and their dedication to their English studies. We look forward to seeing what they will accomplish in the future. Congratulations, ESOL students!

If you would like to join our diverse student body, make new friends and improve your English, we are now recruiting for our ESOL courses starting in September. We are holding ESOL assessment days in August for prospective learners who want to study with us, where you can meet the tutors, take an assessment to find our your level and enrol on to a course ready for the upcoming academic year. Click here to book.

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Red Arrow
Red Arrow
Oct 06, 2023

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My Wheels
My Wheels
Oct 03, 2023


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