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You are strong, and you can reach your goal!

At Blackburne House, we pride ourselves on supporting and empowering the women of Merseyside through education and enterprise. We believe in providing our students with platforms, opportunities and confidence to achieve their goals. We focus on the education experience and developing confidence building. We offer courses that open up doors into a variety of career pathways, and we keep these pathways clear to allow women to transform their lives. Many of the women who have walked through the doors have gained qualifications and also a sense of self.

We caught up with Muna who has continued her education in Healthcare throughout the lockdowns, as well as providing vital services to the city through her work at Liverpool Women's Hospital. While hospitals have struggled to cope over the past year, Muna has kept a positive attitude towards her work and study, making her a shining example of the work Blackburne House does in Liverpool and beyond.

What was your life like before Blackburne House?

It wasn't long after I moved to Britain before I decided to continue my studies at Blackburne House. I was experiencing a rather difficult period where everything new for me, and I wasn’t sure where I should start - until I started studying at Blackburne House. This decision changed my life.

What made you get back into education?

My ambition! I always wanted to continue my studies, but for personal reasons I wasn’t able to. I started to feel worried about not continuing, until I found a new opportunity in Blackburne House. I took the leap and decided to start.

Why did you choose to study at Blackburne House and how did you hear about it?

My sister has studied at Blackburne House previously and had a great experience.

What did you study and how did you find returning to education?

Maths & English GCSES and health care Level 2 and 3.

The best thing about my return to education is that I found the appropriate fit. Blackburne House helped me to help me stick to my decision through the encouragement and support from everyone, the teachers and the administration.

Why did you choose that course?

My dream is to become a nurse and taking these courses will allow me to work towards that dream.

How did you find your experience at Blackburne House?

Excellent! One of the best decisions I made to reach my ambitions.

It is the most supportive place I have found for women. The learning atmosphere is comfortable and you feel that you are forming a new family. You feel close to the women around you, and you will always find that voice that tells you that you are strong and you can reach your goal.

What would you say to other women thinking of going back into education?

Choosing the right place is important – an environment that supports them and accommodates their needs, and helps them to continue their education.

What are you doing now?

I work in Liverpool Women's Hospital and I will continue my education until I reach my goal which is nursing.

What are your aspirations for the future?

To continue my education, and my personal and professional development.

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