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Blackburne House staff feel they are in the right role for them

Our Level 1 Business students designed a survey for part of their course, investigating and researching the staff behind the scenes of Blackburne House. They analysed the results of the study, that staff kindly took part in yesterday and presented them back in a creative way. Here are the main points from the survey:

Blackburne House staff surveyed feel they are in the right role for them - some people saying their dream job - this was a fantastic inspiration for our students.

Staff are encouraged to develop their skills and qualifications

Students identified vital interpersonal skills all the team possess such as polite, friendly, patience.

Students feel boosted by this and feel confident studying at Blackburne House because of this

Lastly, our students were surprised at some of the roles available within the organisation, and it has encouraged them to open their minds to career opportunities. One of their surprises was our Events Manager role - a fantastically varied, pressured, but enjoyable role at Blackburne House.

*This student survey was part of the Business L1 Marketing Module.

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