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Top 5 Children's Books According to Blackburne House Nursery Children

World Book Day is one of the best days of the year in Blackburne House Nursery - our children love to dress up as their favourite characters, read books and share stories! At Blackburne House Nursery, we are passionate about the importance of reading in early years. Reading has a huge range of benefits for young minds: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. Giving a child time and attention when reading them a story tells them that they matter. Reading builds self-esteem, expands children's vocabulary, feeds imagination and even improves their sleeping patterns.

We spoke to some of our children about their favourite books that they'll be reading this World Book Day. Read on for their recommendations...

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don't expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!

'My favourite book is The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I like the character Sophie. For World Book Day, we're going to have a tea party - is a tiger coming to Nursery?'

The toddlers in this book are having all sorts of fun doing different, everyday things, and readers can join in by putting their fingers through the two holes to help the little ones wiggle their legs!

'I like Look At Me! It's about a baby who goes to lots of different places. He goes to the park and goes on the slide, then he goes to the beach and digs a hole. I went to the beach on holiday with my mummy and my sister, and we went there on an aeroplane. I like the book because I also like to go to the park and play on the slide and the swings.'

Stick Man lives in the family tree, with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire! Will he ever get back to the family tree?

'I like reading all different stories with my mummy at home. My favourite book to read is Stick Man. He lives in a tree with his family.'

Doug doesn't like hugs. He thinks they're too squeezy, too squashy, too squooshy, too smooshy. However, Doug is a master of high fives (and low fives and side fives).

Some people like hugs, other people don't. The only way to find out is to ask!

'The slug in Don't Hug Doug is really funny. There are lots of pictures of people you can't hug, but there are also people you can hug. I like the picture of the Frankenstein!'

Perfect for hands-on learning, every page of this board book has a bright, bold finger trail with a special sparkly, bumpy finish. Plus there are peepholes showing you which creature is coming next!

'I like learning about insects in this book. My favourite insects are the butterflies because I like the colours. I've learned that caterpillars make houses called cocoons and then they go and live in there and turn into butterflies.'

If you want your child to join in the fun and adventures at Blackburne House Nursery, we have sessions available Monday - Friday. From April 2024, free childcare is being expanded for working families of younger children so they can access 15 hours per week, increasing to 30 hours per week by September 2025, so there has never been a better time to enrol your child at Blackburne House Nursery!

To book a showing of our Nursery, email or call us on 0151 708 3930.


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