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Blackburne House's Women's Technology Scheme Achieves 'Good' Rating in Ofsted Inspection

We are proud to announce that Women’s Technology Training Scheme, known as Blackburne House Education, has recently undergone an Ofsted Inspection and has been rated 'good' across all areas. This great news comes as we celebrate our 40th year of empowering women through education and skills development.

The Ofsted report highlights several key factors contributing to this 'good' rating:

  • Learner Motivation: The report notes that learners at Blackburne House's Women's Technology Scheme are highly motivated and come to their lessons fully prepared for learning. They actively engage with their tutors and peers, asking questions and participating in various activities.

  • High Expectations and Comprehensive Support: The tutors at Blackburne House have high expectations for their learners. If any learners encounter challenges, leaders provide comprehensive support, which includes signposting them to relevant charities and offering assistance in areas such as nursery services, financial support, and well-being.

  • Personalized Support: Leaders and tutors at Blackburne House know their learners intimately and remain committed to supporting them through challenging and uncertain times. Learners feel safe and are well-informed about how to report any concerns they might have.

  • Community Engagement: The institution's leaders effectively engage with the local community, providing support and removing barriers to learning, ensuring that learners can access education seamlessly.

Andrea Rushton, CEO of Blackburne House, is extremely proud of this rating especially given the backdrop of a global pandemic and economic uncertainties for learners.

"I’m particularly happy to see that the Inspectors recognised how much learners enjoy their time studying with us. We work hard to provide a holistic and enjoyable learning experience that ensures learners can focus on their studies. This 'good' rating by Ofsted is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our learners, tutors, and leaders. It provides a platform upon which we can continue to improve, innovate and increase access to learning for women."

We are now recruiting for courses starting in 2024. Visit our course information page for more information.

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