• ESOL Entry 2

    Start Date: Thursday 21st May 2015, 

    1.5 days per week for 10 weeks   Thursday 1.30pm – 4.30pm & Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm

    This course is a beginners level and will help to improve and gain confidence in writing English. There will be further opportunities to progress and develop speaking & listening and reading skills in the next course where you will be more confidence in conversation in a range of topics and you will practice your reading and listening to information and instructions.

    Cost: FREE for students on JSA, ESA, unemployed in receipt of means tested benefits or claiming national insurance credits.

    (Please enquire for information on course fees if not applicable).

    (This course is for women only)

  • ***Holistic / Complementary Therapies & Beauty***

  • Level 2 Award in Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles)

    Wednesday 6.00pm – 9.00pm

    Start Date: 18th March 2015 for 12 weeks

    Thermal Auricular Therapy believed to be a safe complementary therapy using specially designed organic ear candles. Thought to be effective for colds and flu, sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, jaw pain and stress.

    View the course information sheet here

    Cost: £350 (full cost only – no concessions)   

    (This course is for women only)

  • VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Hot Stone Therapy

    Monday & Thursday  9.30am to 4.30pm

    Start Date: Monday 9th March 2015 for 18 weeks

    This qualification has been specifically designed to develop your practical skills in; how to provide the relaxing and stress relieving treatment of massage using hot and cold stones. The purpose of this qualification is to develop your skills in providing stone therapy massage treatments to a high level of occupational ability, to enable you to provide your own services for clients.

    Cost:   19 – 23yrs – FREE (for 1st level 3 qualification)

    19 – 23yrs – £470 (if employed or already have a level 3 qualification)    

    24yrs+ – £941  (learners will need to apply for a 24+ learning loan)

    Please ring us for more information

    (This course is for women only)

  • ***Housing***

  • CIH Level 3 Certificate in Housing Practice

    Start Date: 10th March 2015, 1 day (6hrs) on Tuesdays and 6hrs every other Saturday for 18 weeks

    Units are taught by an experienced housing practictioner who is also a qualified teacher. They provide in-depth knowledge of the subject area, understanding the current changes and challenges in Housing and the ability to improve both individual and organisational performance.

    Cost: FREE for students under 24 years old on JSA, ESA, unemployed in receipt of means tested benefits or claiming national insurance credits.

    19-24 Employed – £600

    24+ loan – £1,265 (employed or unemployed)

    Please enquire for other information on course fees.   

    (This course is for women and men)

  • CIH Certificate in Housing Practice Level 2

    Start Date: 9th March 2015, 1 day per week (Monday) for 15 weeks 

    This is an introductory vocational qualification for the housing sector. The Course includes visits to several housing projects, a job application workshop session, a work placement and production of a Personal Development Plan.

     Cost: FREE for students on JSA, ESA, unemployed in receipt of means tested benefits or claiming national insurance credits.

    19+ employed – £362

    (This course is for women and men)

    Enrol call 0151 709 4356 or contact us

  • ***Teacher Education***

  • Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training (replaces CTTLS)

    Start Date: March 2015, 1 day per week for 24 weeks

    The Certificate in Education and Training is designed for those in an associate teaching role, or for those looking to progress to the full Diploma or Certificate in Education/PGCE.

    The award covers the knowledge, understanding and skills required for session planning, negotiating learning goals, designing teaching, design and use of resources, and learning and assessment strategies.

    Entry Requirements: You will need a Level 3 qualification in their subject area or employer endorsement that they are working at an appropriate level. A Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification is strongly recommended and students should have at least 30 hours of voluntary or paid teacher experience. 


    FREE for unemployed under 24 years of age

     24+Loan – £1,417 

    (This course is for men and women)

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training (replaces PTLLS)

    Start Date: 26th March 2015, 1 evening per week (Thursday) for 15 weeks

    The aim of the course is to provide opportunities to develop skills and confidence to work in a teaching or training environment. Teaching and learning requires individuals to follow a professional code of conduct and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learners from all ages and walks of life.

    There is also a practical unit for students to demonstrate the use of their new skills in a 15 minute micro-teach to peers. Students are required to provide a reflective journal entry for each of the assessed modules.

    Cost:   Employed: £672  /  Unemployed: £366

    Please contact us to discuss any financial issues.

    (This course is for men and women)


  • ***Wellbeing and Confidence Building***

  • Meditation for Health

    Tuesday – 11.30am to 1.00pm

    Start Date: 5th May 2015   (8 sessions) 

    Relax body and mind and learn the techniques to effectively cope with the stresses of life.  Tutor -Mary McAleese

    Cost: £60 (£40 concessions)

    (This course is for women only)


  • **Beekeeping**

  • Introduction to Bee keeping

    Start Date: Courses starting throughout March & Apil 2015 – please enquire

    Our Level 1 Introduction to Bee keeping Qualification is ideal if you are interested in bee keeping, whether for personal or commercial benefit. It allows you to gain a range of skills which could lead onto producing honey for sale, providing pollination services or enhancing the productivity of horticulture and agriculture.

    The last 2 weeks of the course will be practical ‘hands on’ sessions. These will take place off site around late March, early April (depending on weather/climate).

    Cost: FREE for students on JSA, ESA, unemployed in receipt of means tested benefits or claiming national insurance credits.

    Employed – £150

    (This course is for men and women)

  • **Evening & Leisure Courses**

  • Level 1 Digital Photography

    Start Date: Daytime courses starting in March & April – please enquire

    Learner will learn basic photography skills to enable them to produce professional photographs. This course is a great progression for those who have already completed the ‘beginners in photography’ course.

    Cost: FREE for students on JSA, ESA, unemployed in receipt of means tested benefits or claiming national insurance credits.

    Employed – £195

    (This course is for women only)

  • Creative Writing

    Start Date: 29th April 2015 , 1 half day per week (Wednesday), 2hrs for 10 weeks, 1.00pm to 3.00pm

    This course is more suited for those with some experience of writing but who would like to develop their skills further.

    Cost: £60/£40(concessions)

    (This course is for women only)