The vision of Blackburne House is to educate and upskill women so that they can pursue professions in every sector and at every level – including maintenance, logistics and technology, where women are still typically under-represented.

We aspire to give confidence to the women we work with so that they can go on to live independent lives, believe in their dreams and achieve their ambitions. We want to inspire our women to believe that anything is possible.

We want to instil a culture of empathy and understanding; of inclusion and acceptance. We want to overcome prejudice, discrimination and adversity and create a positive and holistic environment where women can share, learn and grow.

At Blackburne House, we have a core set of values that is ingrained into everything that we do. Those values are integral to our organisation, helping to define our long-term aims and objectives and influence the way we work.

Inspiration - We are committed to inspiring the women we work with at Blackburne House; raising aspirations is built into our education and development programmes and always reflected in our teaching, working and the services we provide.

Transformation - By thinking and working creatively, we continually seek new ways to meet and exceed our financial, social and environmental aims – renewing and transforming areas of our business to ensure that we positively influence everyone who works with us.

Equality - Blackburne House actively promotes a holistic approach to improving the lives of women – all women. We are committed to developing the services we offer to ensure that we are delivering services that will contribute to improving the lives of women.

Independence - We seek to promote confidence amongst the women we help and aim to equip them in order that they can be both personally and financially independent. We have also established a number of social enterprise businesses and a programme of charitable activity so that Blackburne House can be commercially independent.

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A public restaurant and bar, using 95% locally-sourced ingredients and offering a wide range of healthy and delicious meals. Food is subsidised for both Blackburne House staff and students, and paid employment opportunities are given to those with learning difficulties who may struggle to secure employment elsewhere.