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Lv5hd Hybrid Usb Driver 23 (Final 2022)




.7 linux :) ferlin: What device do you have? Which card? would something like work in a bash script? [Saint], more than likely yes. use #bash for help I have a hdmi to vga adapter it's integrated into a system ferlin: Ok, but which chip? ferlin: (If you just plug it in, you can find it by running lspci -nn -d 3551: then find /dev/ -name grom) [Saint]: try this ferlin: lspci -nn -d 3551: will show you the device code. then find /dev/ -name grom* jhutchins, its an internal nvidia chip lspci | grep VGA -> 08:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 780] [10de:094c] (rev a1) [Saint]: i think you can do it by default, it would be a good practice to have the shell variable itself have the same as the absolute path or something ferlin: Ok, good. The driver for that chip is the new proprietary driver. EriC^^: that one works - thanks jhutchins, I have the new drivers from But they give me a graphical error when I try to install them. ferlin: Ah, ok. Does the resolution work? so I had to reinstall nvidia-current-updates and now I can use the drivers no it doesn't, but I have a text log saying something about lightdm and I have a very low resolution ferlin: Is there a lightdm control panel item in the gui? I'd try




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Lv5hd Hybrid Usb Driver 23 (Final 2022)