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Take Part in a Windrush Documentary

Take part in a film documentary that Blackburne House is making for the Windrush Celebration Year

Calling ‘Women decedents daughters granddaughters, of the

Windrush Generation’.

Children of the Windrush Generation Project Blackburne House is producing a documentary film based on oral histories of the direct female descendants of the people who arrived in Liverpool on the HMS Empire Windrush and other ships from the Commonwealth. Unlike other cities in the UK, the majority of those men who settled in Liverpool married local women. We want to tell your unique and unheard stories so we can celebrate your family's contribution to Liverpool’s rich and diverse culture. We want to celebrate AND educate the wider community about the valued contribution to British society the Windrush Generation made in Merseyside.

This documentary will be a legacy of the 'Children of the Windrush Generation' Project, ensuring the completed film will have a permanent home in the Museum of Liverpool.

We would love to hear and capture your incredible family stories, anecdotes, and special moments from Liverpool to the Caribbean.

Express your interest by emailing

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