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Online Beekeeping Courses

During the lockdown, we have not stopped our beekeeping delivery and have been able to adapt this to online teaching. It has been a big learning curve for us as tutors to deliver something so practical into the opposite was a challenge. We have adapted this to be able to deliver very exciting and engaging sessions that are accessible to all ages.

Online Zoom Lesson with University Of Liverpool

One fortunate aspect of the delivery is that it coincides perfectly with the start of the season and will run through to the end of summer. This enables us to photograph our beekeeping journey and share with learners as the season rolls in.

I have been teaching since mid-April when we were well into lockdown. I have taught to students and staff at Liverpool University, Myerscough College and will soon be delivering to NHS staff and young people signed up to the Our Bright Future. It has been fun and interesting for me to get past the whole ’sitting at home and teaching’ instead of being at a school apiary. Saying that, I do know when we are permitted to deliver practical beekeeping training, the students will all be knowledgeable about the theory side and Im sure they will be able to spot the queen in speedy time!

All photography by Andrea Ku included of hive checks - Images of practical beekeeping before lockdown at St Hilda’s School, A marked 2019 queen, how to inspect a frame, how to use a hive tool, what the hive looks like when checking

For me, it is easy to relate beekeeping to our everyday lives, even during the lockdown, as bee play such an important role in life. From the food we eat, the plants and trees we see on our daily exercise to the whole ecowmeb of life that sustains nature in our gardens and parks. I bring these elements up in my delivery and how bees have always been a part of our lives and even before humans were on the planet more of a story of beekeeping with analogies to domestic life and popular culture to make it more inclusive and (hopefully) amusing yet still memorable.

I look forward to continuing my online beekeeping delivery with the aim of delivering practical beekeeping as soon as permitted. We are hosting online courses if you are interested please get in touch all information on the flyer below.

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