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Business L2 Students design an app!

"The Level 2 Business Diploma class are currently working on an exciting project. Our two groups, 'Team Pink' and 'Team Blue' are designing an app and will present their ideas to their classmates who will vote for the winner.

After compiling a survey, students asked staff and other learners to feedbacktheir thoughts on what makes a good app, then analysed the results to create mood boards with design ideas. They have also had to calculate the cost of the app or how they would make a profit if the app is free to the consumer.

The teams have worked exceptionally hard and came up with some great ideas. One team are developing skills swapping app whereby students can swap their skills and support each other. The other team are developing an app so you never have to wait for a drink ever again and your cuppa will always be ready when you are!" Bev Dulson, Tutor

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