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Blossoming Spring & Beekeepers

As I think was previously mentioned in our first blog our beekeepers have set up a WhatsApp group so there is plenty of support for our hives and the hives belonging to the schools and colleges we work with.

After a bright sunny day, our fabulous beekeepers were out managing the hives and looking after the bees. The photos and comments they shared last night on WhatsApp did bring the outdoors in and a smile to the soul as I like everyone else I'm staying at home.

They all commented that they felt privileged to be able to do the job they do, especially now. 

Photography by Paul Conlan and Martin Swift

One of the hives is sited amongst wild garlic that Paul secretly confessed to harvesting a little to add to his homemade pesto.

Photography by Paul Conlan and Martin Swift

This shows one colony that is thriving in this good weather. The first crops of honey should appear at the end of May, I for one can't wait to taste that one.

Photography by Paul Conlan and Martin Swift

On one of the sites we have bees, there is also a glasshouse with some amazing species of plant, the yellow and green plants are amazing to look at and the nectar from the green plant is very sweet. 

I would just like to add all the while social distancing is strictly adhered to.

Written By Lynne Kavanagh

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