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Beekeeping Advice

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK has coincided with when after long winter beekeepers need to be getting out to apply feed and treatments in the beehives.

Photography by Andrea Ku

At Blackburn House our team of beekeepers who work on the BEE You project (Our Bright Future) have been working tirelessly to get round all the hive locations to feed and treat our bees. In some circumstances where buildings have gone into full closure, we have had to relocate hives to accessible site. As bees are classed as livestock the beekeepers need to ensure they are well looked after and as the temperature gets warmer that they are fit enough to leave the hives and get on with the important role of pollination and supporting our environment. With new guidance from the Prime Minister on 23/03/20, our beekeepers again have reacted in an outstanding way. They have produced a sign for their cars which shows clearly who they are and where they are visiting.

Keep your eye on our blog as we will keep you to date with all things bees throughout this process.



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