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Applications are open now - Social School for Entrepreneurs Programme North West

SSE’s biggest fully funded programme has helped more than 2,000 people to start up, build and scale social enterprises, charities, community projects and impact-led organisations. Are you ready to join us this year? You get a grant, a mentor, a year’s worth of learning, plus a support network of others in a similar situation to you. The application closes on the 23rd of April.

Start Up

Are you in the early stages of setting up a social enterprise, charity or social impact project? Your project is in the planning stages but ready to start, or less than two years old. It makes £0 – £15,000 a year. You want to learn how to establish your organisation.

Trade Up

You’ve set up an effective social enterprise already, and plan to increase your income and impact in the year ahead. Maybe your business and trading income has been affected by the pandemic? We’ll get you back on track. Your project has been running for at least a year. It makes at least £15,000 a year.

Scale Up

You’ve set up an effective social enterprise, and you plan to significantly scale up its social impact. This programme will help you put those plans into place. We’ll help you increase your resilience, develop different income streams and ways of working suited to the online, post Covid-19 new normal. Your project was probably established two or more years ago, and probably has two or more paid members of staff. It makes at least £75,000 a year (no upper limit).

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE IS ON THE 23rd April! Want to apply, please press HERE

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John Smith
John Smith
Oct 21, 2023

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