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Announcement: Smallwood Trust

Announcement: Smallwood Trust

We are delighted to announce that Blackburne House has partnered with the Smallwood Trust to provide financial support to women in our community who just need some immediate relief from financial crisis. 

The aims of the funds are to support for against the following:

- To support the individual’s financial stability and relief of hardship

- To support the individual’s employment pathways

- To support the individual’s housing needs

- To support the individual’s mental health and wellbeing 

Who is the funding for?

The funding is available to all women in our community, who meet the eligibility criteria. Please contact Blackburne House to discuss.  

The funding will allow us to support women in a number of ways. The below are examples of some instances but not exhaustive: 

Housing needs; cash grants for moving costs, rent deposits, repairs and essential needs items backed up with financial advocacy and financial education. 

Financial stability and relief of hardship; cash grants for debt relief, legal assistance and essential living expenses such as food and utility bills for those women facing immediate crises along with debt and money advice and financial capability skills.

Employment pathways; cash grants for interview clothes, travel costs, childcare and funds to pay for training courses backed up with employability skills training. 

Mental health and wellbeing; this is a cross-cutting theme of support for beneficiaries where mental health support and counselling is required.

Application process: Please contact Carmen Musau on or via 0151 709 4356.

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