100 Women's Voices Event - What's it all about?

100 Women’s Voices

To celebrate 100 years since The Suffragette’s won the right for ‘some’ women to vote; Jennifer John Music, in partnership with Blackburne House present 100 Women’s Voice’s.

A mass choral community singing event at the iconic St George’s Hall on the 21st November.

100 Women’s Voices will see women from many different backgrounds, organisations and communities groups, to sing together and acknowledge those who paved the way and fought for women’s right to vote. Honouring equality. 

Blackburne House have been at the forefront of the #vote100 campaign to celebrate women over the centuries. Every woman matters, regardless of notoriety or fame, and we are celebrating that. Women's chance (well, some, initially) to vote was granted on 21st November 1918 and was the start of the opportunities for women who had been positioned unequally in an overriding patriarchal society.

An evening if of joy, celebration, and women’s empowerment through song. Not to be missed.

Suggested donations of £5.

For those who pay the suggested donation you will be automatically entered in to a raffle for lots of lovely prizes!

For more information, please call us on 0151 709 4356.

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