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Working with partners enables us to improve the quality of education and improve gender equality for some of the city region's most disadvantaged women. 87% of the learners we support come from the top 30% most deprived areas in the country and 26% declare themselves as having  a learning difficulty or disability. We welcome the opportunity to work with partners who are passionate about social change and want to:

  • Support positive social outcomes for women

  • Develop opportunities to close the gender gap in areas of work where women are under represented

  • Ensure women continue to have equal access to educational opportunities

  • Champion women from marginalised and minoritised communities to succeed

  • Support the provision of mental health and wellbeing interventions to empower some of the cities most vulnerable women

There are a number of ways which you can partner with us:

Social Value Partner

Life is getting harder for so many women who are battling with financial, emotional and wellbeing pressures. We believe in the power of collaboration, by becoming our social value partner, you can join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of these women. Together, we can break the cycle of limited opportunities and create a brighter future for all.

Charity of Choice

If you are part of a corporate or community group, consider nominating us as your charity of choice. By selecting us, you’re showing your commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equal access to education. Your nomination will help us raise awareness, gain further support, and continue our vital work in transforming lives.

Pro-bono Services and Support


As a charity and learning organisation we aim to adopt the most effective and impactful methods of supporting and engaging with our communities. We therefore welcome non-financial and pro-bono support to help us to this, whether this comes in the form of staff training, mentoring, or media and digital support to give just a few examples. During our 40th Birthday year, we'd particularly welcome support from videographers and digital agencies.

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