Anne McColl


Anne has over 25 years of successful senior leadership and is committed to achieving social change through values-based partnerships and accelerating opportunities and initiatives that address inequities faced by women. Prior to joining Blackburne House, Anne spent 12 years as the Director of Education for the UK body of a worldwide humanitarian charity. Anne is responsible for the strategic direction of the Blackburne House Group and, believing in the life changing power of education and self-development, is working to ensure the organisation continues to be a leading social enterprise and an empowering centre of education and wellbeing for women.

Andrea Rushton

Director of Projects and Business Development

Andrea is a successful social entrepreneur and currently the Director of Projects & Business Development at Blackburne House, managing a portfolio of projects and business areas. Known for her ability to transform enterprise and project ideas into meaningful business operations she has a proven track record in delivering social and economic change and improvement.  Her creative outlook and ability to support fellow entrepreneurs has enabled many businesses to transform their activities and grow their client base and turnover.  An experienced Business Mentor and Action Learning Facilitator Andrea continues to support individuals and businesses to deliver positive social impact across communities.

Andrea Deary FCCA

Director of Strategy, Planning and Business Support

Andrea is an FCCA qualified accountant with a background in senior leadership and transformational roles within the FTSE 100 Financial Services Sector. She started at Blackburne House as a student in 2010 when pursuing some further development opportunities and joined the Board shortly afterwards. She spent 3 years as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Finance Committee before joining the Executive Team in 2013. Andrea works part-time at Blackburne House and has leadership responsibility for our Finance, Nursery and Catering teams and supports the Senior Leadership Team and Board on Strategic Planning.

Colette McKenna

Director of Learning

Colette is a member of Blackburne House's Senior Management Team, who has worked her way up the ladder starting as a Volunteer to holding senior positions in FE. She has over 25 years experience in FE, developing and setting up and managing  education & training provision and contracts across the country.  Colette is responsible for all aspects of contract management, curriculum and educational development.  Prior to joining Blackburne House, Colette was also Director of her own consultancy business, supporting other social enterprises, stakeholders and training providers. In her earlier years, she was a scenic artist at the Liverpool Playhouse.  Colette has also been writing personalised poetry for many years, which she loves to do in her spare time.

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