Blackburne House's Cheif Excutive

Claire Dove CBE



Claire has been a key player in the social enterprise movement since the early 1980s and has led the Blackburne House Group since its inception, using her entrepreneurial skills to help the organisation grow into an award-winning and extremely successful social business.

“We have been offering educational opportunities to women for over twenty years. Many thousands of women, of all ages cultures and backgrounds, have completed our courses and are now in successful careers across Merseyside and beyond.


We offer a wide range of programmes to accommodate the many needs of women, so if you’re just embarking into education or you wish to retrain in order to gain promotion, our staff will diagnose your educational needs and tailor a programme to suit them.


We are proud of our achievements and have repeatedly been awarded a grade 1 status and have been ranked in the top 10 % of educational providers in the country."

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