Blackburne House Education is at the heart of our organisation, supporting women from all walks of life. Providing students with a safe & welcoming environment in which to develop & grow, we have an Ofsted rating of "Outstanding" - the only education provider in the North West to achieve such status. 

Gender inequality within many industries is still rife. We want to help address that imbalance as much as we possibly can, which is why, amongst our extensive curriculum, we offer courses to women in subjects that are traditionally considered to be male-dominated.

We appreciate that our students come from many different backgrounds and circumstances - it's a uniqueness that we're hugely proud of and we celebrate the diversity of students within Blackburne House. However, regardless of this diversity, every student is treated with the same respect, given the same level of support and offered the same opportunities.

A variety of learner experience projects offered throughout the year, providing an enhanced experience for all students

Legal support from our partners, MSB, providing bespoke pro-bono advice to Blackburne House students in need of legal aid

Childcare and travel support is  available for students who meet the required criteria. Please apply

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