A newly refurbished outdoor area with a beautiful wooden pavilion to access  shelter, 1 large  baby room, a large toddler room with big windows to access natural light into the room and a separate pre school room that accommodates up to 8 children.

The Nursery is divided into 3 rooms

The Baby Room

This room can accommodate up to nine babies as it is quite large in size but we decided to accommodate just 6 babies to cater for the younger babies and toddlers needs. The babies ages we cater for in this room are 6 weeks – 2 years. The child staff ratio is 1 to 3, and a childcare student is often present in addition. Staff will encourage babies to develop at their own pace. They will provide a stimulating environment and spend a great deal of time with the children, planning and observing them to meet their individual needs.

The Green / Blue Room

These two rooms accommodate up to 24 children from the ages of 20 months to 5 years.

There is a minimum of 6 staff in these rooms plus volunteers, or childcare students.

Children participate in child initiated activities and play opportunities to enhance and encourage their personal, social and emotional development. They learn to develop relationships and to share and take turns.

We also follow the Every Child Matters Framework and support the children to “Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Well Being.”

Other facilities include:

The Health Place/Main Hall

Children have access to The Health Place at Blackburne House/Main Hall (depending on availability). Here they participate in music and movement sessions, dance sessions and ring games, particularly when bad weather prevents the children from playing outside.

Outdoor Play Area

We have a safe, secure outdoor play area for the exclusive use of the children. We have acquired from Early Years a lot of natural resources, ranging from Water, Building and Construction, Role Play (picnic, camping, garage, fire crew), Mark Making, Books, Digging and Gardening (rakes, hoes, wheelbarrows etc.) and a variety of wheeled toys to encourage physical development. We also use balls, hoops, quoits, etc, to encourage hand and eye co- ordination and co-operative play.

This enables us to accommodate ‘indoor activities’ such as mark making, water play, role play, construction and reading resources in the outdoor play area.

Story Sessions

We have a volunteer who comes into nursery on a weekly basis for story sessions. We also recommend Parents/Carers access their local library for a lending service where children may choose from a wide selection of books to share with their parents/carers at home.

Information Technology

There are computers situated in the I.T. area of the Blue Room for all children to access at individual times throughout the day. Children have access to educational software, which is age-appropriate, and quickly become adept at using the mouse.