The childrens work is displayed around the nursery so  the child can feel a sense of pride in looking at what they have achieved, it is also sent home and their own individual portfolio along with their personal development file and learning journals.

Within our setting the activities are driven by the children’s needs and interests staff will build on this by extending the activities and promoting the six areas of learning.  The children have taken part in a variety of workshops e.g Stretch & Grow from which the children learn a variety of stretch moves this helps their physical development and spacial awareness in a fun environment.

Other workshops include a Health and Well Being Programme which was hosted via Blackburne House Health Place. The children have also taken part in the following: Yoga,  Zumba, Zen Den Meditation and Dance and Groove.  We also have visits from our local community police officers, fire fighters and dental health practioners. This enriches the children’s knowledge and understanding of the important roles of these people and also helps them gain  awareness of keeping themselves safe and helping each other.

Guidance is sourced from outside agencies such as Liverpool Early Years Teacher Advisor and Area Senco.  These professional can then sign post us onto further support from other professionals ensuring we are meeting the individual needs of each child and that of their parent/carer.

Children frequently go on local visits to the surrounding parks and gardens or to specific shops when covering a particular topic.