From enrolment to graduation and beyond, Blackburne House Education aims to provide an all round support system to our students. We promise to treat all learners fairly, with respect and courtesy. We will provide a welcoming and safe environment and provide accurate, helpful information, advice and guidance. We will ensure a well organised and enjoyable learning experience with clear outcomes and support to achieve these outcomes. We will provide regular feedback on work and progress in order to inspire our learners to do better and reach their full potential. We will provide access to safe facilities and appropriate learning resources to help learners develop and progress. We will respond promptly if you let us know when we do not deliver on our promises because we want to get things right.

Equality and Diversity

We celebrate the diversity of people who learn and work in Blackburne House. We are opposed to any harassment or discrimination arising from race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, disability, religion, faith and class. We will challenge any inappropriate behaviour or attitudes and will take positive action to promote good race relations and prevent any gender or disability inequality. 

Students with Disabilities

Every effort has been made to make Blackburne House as accessible as possible, whether you wish to use the café or a classroom and this is a continual process. There are accessible toilets on all floors and lifts including the external entrance lift.

A moment of your time?

Blackburne House students, we value your opinions on everything from our course timetables to the equipment in the common rooms. Ofsted would like to know what you think of us too. Could you take a few moments to fill in a short survey? Click here to go to the survey.