The Blackburne House Group have a set of values that define our aims and which we aspire to follow in all aspects of our work;



We provide the highest possible quality of inspirational education and development – and our teaching and working methods and our services and environment reflect this relentless commitment.



We believe in using creative working methods to develop new and innovative ways of fulfilling and exceeding our financial, social and environmental aims  – renewing and transforming our business and helping us to touch and transform the lives of everyone who works with Blackburne House



Blackburne House is and has always been about holistic approaches to improving the lives of women – all women.  We constantly build on the diversity and range of our services including support and education services for children and men, where these will contribute to improving the lives of women.



As well as helping our students and service users to develop their own independence, our charitable and commercial activities all operate to continuously improving business standards – to deliver the independence of Blackburne House.