A great many of our students have overcome adversity or may still be struggling with problems in their home lives.

It is our job to support them as much as we can and inspire them to gain their own independence through education.

We are not just here to educate, we are here to listen, to support and to offer a place of safety and equality to women of all ages and backgrounds.

Susan began her studies at Blackburne House on the Access to Higher Education course in 2011 as a single parent striving to get herself back into education to provide a better future for her young daughter…

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Gloria originally comes from Ghana, she is a family person who has had to juggle responsibilities in her home life with her studies. She has been a most inspirational student who has taken every opportunity to improve her skills…

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Margaret is a woman who loves to help others but unfortunately at the beginning of her time at Blackburne House had very little self confidence and very few ICT skills.

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As a Muslim woman, the safety of an all-female learning environment is paramount; in line with her faith, Samia is not able to train or work alongside men. This is but one of the potential barriers to her professional advancement; she has 5 children, two of whom are still at nursery…

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