Christmas is just around the corner at this time of year, the shops are filling up with tinsel and fairy lights and it almost feels like the year is drawing to a close. Our challenge to you… take a step away from the procrastinators and get a whole new skill under your belt before Christmas! There will be no winter blues for you because you’ll be too busy learning something fantastic.

In 2013 Blackburne House will celebrate 30 years of providing training and education to women in non traditional and vocational areas. During that time, many thousands of women have come through our doors and we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to help and support them to take their lives in new and exciting directions. Everyone is in a different situation. so, whether you’re unemployed and seeking the skills you need to apply for the jobs you want, or you’ve been caring for a young family and now you want to build up your CV and make the first steps on a career ladder, or you’ve reached a point where you want to change career completely Blackburne House is the place to start. Everyone is welcome to come in and see what we could do to get you on the right track.

Start your new learning journey in:

  • Introduction to Radio – Do you listen to local or national radio? Ever wondered what goes on behind the broadcasting scenes? Get to grips with the key skills needed to produce and present radio programmes – including studio operation, digital recording and editing, presenting, writing for radio and broadcasting.This course is taught in association with the National Broadcasting School using Blackburne House’s on site broadcasting studio.

Next Course intake: Monday 29th October

  • E-Networking & Social Networking – Are you baffled by status updates, hashtags and trends? Would you like a quick and friendly evening class to demystify the ever expanding world of social media? Get up to date and find out how you can connect with friends and family all over the globe via Facebook or use Twitter as a fantastic free marketing tool for your small business. It’s not all as complicated as it looks! 

Next course intake: Tuesday 30th October 2012 – 6pm to 8.30pm.

Blackburne House Cookery Academy

As we mentioned, Christmas is approaching, which to some, means a stressful few days of entertaining and attempting to feed a houseful of hungry friends and family. Book a place on the Blackburne House Cookery Academy and do away with every bit of that stress. Book yourself a calm and relaxing Christmas whilst still serving up the perfect festive food. 

Course runs for 7 weeks from 29th October to 10th December 2012.


For more information and how to enrol on any of the above courses click here:


Or give us a call on 0151 709 4356

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