Friends of Blackburne House


Do you know how important you are to Blackburne House?

After more than 30 years of inspiring women, it still astounds, humbles and fills us with pride to see what Blackburne House has achieved. We’re under no illusion as to how much of those achievements have been as a direct result of your kindness and support.

Today, we employ 70 staff and offer 50 different courses with 1000 full and part-time learning opportunities for women. We have an on-site nursery, a bustling (and temptingly delicious) Bistro, conferencing facilities and The Health Place – a safe, welcoming spa environment solely for women.

We are truly changing lives – and your role in that should never be underestimated.

So, we wanted to say thank you. We wanted to celebrate the wonderful support that Blackburne House receives and the incredibly special people that have helped us flourish for over 30 years.

Friends of Blackburne House is our thank you to you. It’s a way of recognising and acknowledging the amazing community that we’re part of – and, of course, working together to ensure that we continue to flourish for another 30 years (and beyond…).


What is Friends of Blackburne House, exactly?

Friends of Blackburne House – or FoBH – is an initiative recognising the pivotal role that you play in the success of Blackburne House – and every woman that passes through its doors.  

It’s a monthly membership (for as little as £2 a week) that includes:

  • Weekly cash prizes of up to £1,000
  • Rollover jackpots of up to £10,000
  • Exclusive goodies, offers & discounts upon sign-up (from free treatments at The Health Place to tasty treats at The Bistro)

Simply sign up, get your goodies delivered directly to your door (along with your set of unique lottery numbers) then check our site weekly to see if you’re a winner.

Your monthly contribution will make a real impact on the local women that we work with every single day. Women just like you. Women that want to improve their lives; their education, their confidence, their standard of living – and that of their family.

Becoming a Friend of Blackburne House is simple, quick & secure – simply sign up here: Become a Friend of Blackburne House



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