In 2013 Blackburne House will celebrate 30 years of providing training and education to women in non traditional and vocational areas. During that time, many thousands of women have come through our doors and we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to help and support them to take their lives in new and exciting directions. Everyone is in a different situation. so, whether you’re unemployed and seeking the skills you need to apply for the jobs you want, or you’ve been caring for a young family and now you want to build up your CV and make the first steps on a career ladder, or you’ve reached a point where you want to change career completely Blackburne House is the place to start. Everyone is welcome to come in and see what we could do to get you on the right track.

For 2012 Blackburne House are offering free* year long Diploma courses in:

  • IT & Personal Development Levels 2 & 3
  • Complimentary Therapy Level 3
  • Construction Level 1
  • Reflexology Level 2

Are you aged 16 to 19? Do you want to do something a bit different to the generic 6th form or college options? Would you benefit from small tutor groups, personally tailored support, valuable work experience and practical qualifications? Blackburne House now offer  free* Diploma courses in Complimentary Therapies, ICT & Personal Development and Construction Skills just for 16 to 19 year old women.

*students will be asked to pay a small registration fee upon enrolment (approx £30).


Browse our full range of course opportunities here:

and for more information on anything at Blackburne House call us on 0151 709 4356.

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