We are well and truly in the age of social media – if we’re not Facebooking a picture of family, holidays or a night out we’re tweeting our thoughts on the X-Factor – but does everyone understand how social media could be useful to them?

With the Development of Fresh Start Courses, Blackburne House are looking to introduce students to the basics of subject areas where many may feel that they have been ‘left behind’. Experienced, knowledgeable tutors will guide students through at their own pace, and tailor the course to their individual levels and expectations.

Is tweeting just for youngsters? Definitely not – an increasing number of businesses are finding that twitter is invaluable as a free marketing tool – to engage with customers, make partnerships with other businesses and to build a brand image of your business. As a unique micro blogging site, Twitter allows users to build up a friendly and approachable ‘persona’ which is particularly useful for larger companies whilst at the same time, gives small businesses the same opportunity to get their personality out there. There are many one person local businesses on twitter with far more followers that multinational companies, just because of a bit of time put into tweeting. 

Is Facebook just for posting pictures of drunken nights on the town? Again, no. Facebook can be used as a brilliant platform to engage with customers and potential customers and promote your business. If you’re selling hand painted teacups for example and you post a picture of your beautiful designs at a craft fair, one of your friends ‘likes’ the picture, then all of their friends will see it too. Perhaps the Craft Fair Venue will also re-post your picture and then all of their fans will see it – your designs could end up reaching thousands of potential customers within a few minutes…you’d have to pay a fortune for the same amount of reach in print advertising!


Three Fresh Start Courses will start in January 2013:

Facebook & Twitter for small businesses

Introduction to Databases

Computers & The Internet – where to start


For more information on the Fresh Start courses, visit the information page here, or call Blackburne House on 0151 709 4356.

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